Troop Leadership Training

Troop Leadership Training (formerly Junior Leader Training) PowerPoint Files

TLT is a core part of any scout program. In our troop, we offer this twice each year, corresponding to troop elections. All new leaders are required to attend, even if they have attended in the past. Since they may have been through the program before, many scouts become bored doing the same exercises. As a result, I developed an “Advanced TLT” program that incorporates all new leadership training activities. That program, along with the original JLT program and the new (2008) TLT program are available here for a free download. The following PowerPoint files are available:

  • Original JLT program
  • 2008 TLT program
  • Advanced TLT program (unique content with all new games and activities)
  • Supporting files for Adv TLT program

To download these files, simply fill out the form below. You may modify any of these files to fit your needs.