Sell your Scouting Products on Cyberbase

Multi-vendor marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon make it possible for store owners to sell online without having to manage their own website. Or, even if they do run their own ecommerce website, these platforms give vendors another place to sell their products where they can gain additional (often significant) exposure beyond what their own website can do. But all of these are general purpose marketplaces, there is not a marketplace specifically for scouts. Until now!

Soon you will be able to list your products for sale on Cyberbase Trading Post, whether you are creating handcrafted items like neckerchief slides, or you are offering manufactured products like camping gear. Cyberbase Trading Post will soon become the “Amazon for Scouts”. You will be able to list anything related to scouting activities, including anything for which there is a merit badge, such as First Aid, Camping, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Electronics, Indian Lore, Canoeing – you name it.

This program will launch in early 2019. Cyberbase will provide the platform (and the traffic with the help of our still popular free certificate maker). Vendors will add their own products to the site. Customers will be able to place their orders from multiple vendors simultaneously and checkout on the site. Shipping will be the responsibility of the vendor (there is no “Fulfillment by Cyberbase option). Vendors will get paid a generous 90% commission on all sales.

Stay tuned! We are excited to bring you this new opportunity to sell you scouting-specific products on this site.

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