Great Camping chair

  Folding sport chairs are great for camping: they fold up and are small and easy to transport. But the problem with most sporting chairs is that they are not very comfortable. You end up sitting straight up and down on a small seat. Most are not very durable – they last a year or two and then fall apart.

Enter the RORAIMA Signature Lightweight Outdoor Camping Chair. It is lightweight, made of a nylon mesh so it is also breathable. It’s ergonomic design has a deep seat and if very comfy for a portable chair. Plus there are two extra pockets for holding drinks and other items. The chair will hold a person up to 230 pounds, so it works well for a large person. There are other “king-size” chairs available that include arm rests, foot rests, etc. – this is not one of those chairs as those items would add to the bulk and weight. This is a simple, but comfortable chair.

If this sounds like you, you can grab one from #RORAIMA #CAMPINGCHAIR #OUTDOORCHAIR

Note: I received this chair in exchange for an honest review. the link provided is an affiliate link which may result in a small commission if you decide to buy one.



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