Emergency Kit, not just First Aid

IMG_8556I’ve been active in scouting as an adult leader for over 25 years, have been trained in wilderness first aid and CPR. Almost every merit badge in scouts starts the first requirement with “show first aid for…” And as a parent, I can vouch first-hand how scouting skills can save someone’s life. So while I am not a doctor, I feel like I know something about first aid.

The TripWorthy First Aid kit is more than a first aid kit – it should really be called an emergency kit as it includes things like a glow stick, whistle, compass, rain poncho, emergency blanket and sewing kit. It is missing sunscreen and aloe as well as a candle and matches as part of an emergency kit (which can also be helpful in first aid for sterilizing needle for example), but otherwise, it packs a lot of items into a small and lightweight case that is easy to bring in your car or on a hiking or camping trip. It is the perfect size for a patrol first aid kit.

As far as the first aid items go, it includes some items some items that I am glad to see – such as a CPR face mask, disposable vinyl gloves, a cold compress and triangular bandages. First aid kits are made to be used, not just collect dust or add extra weight to your backpack, so some items will need to be replaced over time. I recommend changing a few things right from the start – put in some more moleskin (it only includes 1 small pad), a larger tube of antibacterial ointment, the elastic bandage with something more substantial, and some vet wrap tape. The one problem I have with this first aid kit is that some of the items feel cheap (and they are) – get rid of the non-first aid items and flush out this package with some quality items like I just listed and you will have a winner that you will feel comfortable taking with you on any outdoor adventure. Get your at http://amzn.to/2bs6DWw

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