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leader-frameWe are currently featuring our custom frames. These frames are exclusive to Cyberbase Trading Post and are made in the US with real wood (Alder). Available as an 8 1/2 x 11 to hold a certificate created with our free “Certificate Wizard” or as a 8×10 to hold your favorite photograph, you can personalize them with your own text.
fire_completeWe continue to get requests for how to build our realistic indoor campfires. It is important to create as much realism as possible when doing an indoor campfire – simply using a yellow light bulb with some wood around it will not create the atmosphere that is desired. A dark room, with a fire that actually flickers, glows, smokes, and the flames leap up is achievable using this instructions and our indoor campfire kit. Add some pine scent and a sound loop of a cracklin’ fire to involve all of the senses.